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Access MS #1 High Energy Adult Hip Hop Dance Fitness Source...

Real Choreography. Real Results!!!
Roger & Tena's Choreorobics Dance Off brings you authentic hip hop dance straight from top-notch hip hop choreographer, dance pioneer and performer, Roger Leonard Long. It's hands-down where to go to get results as you really learn to dance!!!

Condition with moves inspired by stage and the most iconic performers. Lose weight, get dancer lean, gain sharpness, power and more with training from expert, husband/wife duo, Roger and Tena Long and all in an atmosphere of inspiration, fun and community.

Join in our 2023 Dance Challenges now! Two class options are available for all ages and levels. See the full schedule of classes below and click on "join a virtual class' or "join a live/in-person class" to register now!!!
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All classes offered at Central Mississippi Dance - 1902 Highway 471, Brandon, MS.

Core (HIIT Abs) 10:00 AM

Grooves (CDO)
10:15 AM


Core (HIIT Abs)
10:00 AM

Grooves (CDO)
10:15 AM


Dance Off (CDO)
6:00 PM

Core (HIIT Abs)
6:45 PM
^Both Live/Virtual

Core (HIIT Abs)
5:00 PM

Dance Off (CDO)
5:15 PM


"DANCE OFF" is the original high-energy hip hop dance concept from our resident founder/choreographer, Roger. It is set apart for an edge as an exciting and innovative training experience. You will go hard!

Each class features the newest segment of one of Roger’s original world-class routines with a strong performance influence that is exhilarating. Dance challenges and challenge tracker cards are a feature with a focus on real results.

A signature is the driving energy of the husband/wife duo's training and their effective, innovative tag team instruction that can give anyone the skills they need to dance with confidence. "Dance Off" is a one-of-a-kind experience you don't want to miss!
**You may purchase any class(es) in Brandon. Call for more info: (601) 853-7480.


"GROOVES" is the very beginner friendly version of Choreorobics Dance Off. It operates with the same addictive energy of Dance Off but with a focus on exploring the fundamentals and foundation of movement and hip hop technique.

If you’re a newbie or just love to throw down, this program allows you move at a more moderate pace to improve on coordination, stamina, power and performance ability. Each class, be thrilled by routines with authentic styles of old school, middle school and new school too. You will learn not only how to move but how to groove!
**You may purchase any class(es) in Brandon. Clinton classes sold separately at those locations.