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Choreorobics Dance Off!
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Choreorobics Dance Off! made its debut in 2001 and it's been representing the New-South, breaking records and setting standards with high energy hip hop dance fitness ever since!!!

CDO! brings you authentic hip hop dance straight from Mississippi’s top hip hop choreographer, Roger Leonard Long. Learn moves like what you see in music videos, competitions and on stage. Get a real workout and stay fly!

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Choreorobics Dance Off!...High Energy Adult Hip Hop Dance Classes
• Get tag-team coaching by the power couple of hip hop/fitness innovators, Roger and Tena Long.
• Get open access to professional grade choreography.
• Gain a dancer-lean body and increase mental strength, coordination and stamina.
• Trick your body into burning up to 600 calories per session.

Note: All classes instructed by all-star instructors/originators, Roger and Tena. No membership or monthly dues required. (See full CDO! full class schedule and get a free guest pass below).

Be a GUEST and try CDO today!

1.  Choose a class to attend.

2. On arriving, check-in at the front desk.

3. Pay the $10 guest fee and you're in!

Youth Dance Programs

Junior Choreorobics Dance Off!

Junior Choreorobics Dance Off! spun off in 2004 with the success of the original Choreorobics Dance Off! program. It is a cutting-edge training program that offers physical education to kids, ranging ages 6 and older, in ways they relate to using dance.

Choreorobics Dance Off! is available at these select locations:

Lakeland Courthouse
Racquet and Fitness Club

2625 Courthouse Circle
Flowood, MS 39232
On-going classes: Mondays and Fridays: 5:30 p.m.  (Street Style); Tuesdays and Thursdays: 10:00 a.m. (Grooves Style)

Brandon Courthouse Racquet and Fitness Club; 255 Mar Lyn Drive; Brandon, MS; 601.724.1099

Ongoing Classes: Tuesdays @ 6:15 p.m. (Grooves Style)

Visit them on the web at

Slated as program for urban youths, its aim is to inspire self-expression, athleticism and confidence using hip hop dance in an atmosphere of praise and positivity.

JCDO! features trademark dance choreography and the innovative teaching techniques of the power duo of hip hop dance, Roger and Tena Long. JCDO! includes Junior Choreorobics Dance Off! After School Camps, Junior Choreorobics Dance Off! Summer Camps and Junior Choreorobics Dance Off! Teen Camps.

If you have questions or will like to host this program at your school, camp or facility, call 601.853.7480 or e-mail Tena-choreorobics@yahoo.com.

Studio Hip Hop Classes
(for kids and teens ages 5-16)

At the Mississippi Metropolitan
Dance Academy

To register, please go to: www.msmetroballet.com

Choreography/Dance Services

Dance Off Party Session

These power-packed,eduactional 1-hour sessions for ages 6 and older with hip hop specialists, Roger/Tena Long include a private mini-performance,interactive dance games and tips on how to freestyle. Focus is on teaching kids the fundamentals of the hip hop discipline and technique while giving them the experience of performing and competing with dance.

roger with kids Kids party favors. Package also includes free room rental.

Cost: $12.00 per child (min. of 10) • Ages 6 and older*Reservations are to be made at least two weeks in advance. For details contact Tena at (601) 853.7480 or e-mail-golongproductions@yahoo.com.

tena and groupChoreography (Individuals)
Routines (up to 2:00 ): $200.00+/-
Routines (2:01 and up): $250.00+/-
Includes original creation of a routine toyour needs and ability, your choice of music or music approved by you. A video of the choreography with front and rear angles is also available by request. Rehearsal and music editing cost separate if applicable.

Choreography (Dance Teams)
Cost: $20 per dancer (min. of 10)
Includes original creation of a routine to your teams’ needs and ability and your teams’ choice of music. A video of the choreography with front and rear angles is also available by request. Rehearsal cost separate if applicable.
*Preferences and input welcomed.

Cost: $60.00 per 1. hr. session
Includes studio space or reasonable travel to a facility of your choice.

Private Lessons (Solo)
1/2 hr.: $30.00
1 hr.: $60.00
Private lessons are available to learn routines missed due to class absence, for extra help in technique or learning how to freestyle at the lastest party. Studio space included.

Group Lessons
1 to 1 1/2 hr.: $10 per person with minimum of eight
For groups who want to learn choreography/hip hop technique. Includes groups like: dance, football, basketball, soccer teams/girl scouts. Good for those who need to improve coordination, agility and flexibility or just learn how to loosen up. Groups of 20 or more, call for rate adjustments/quote.


Cost: $40.00 per dancer

1 hour session learning choreography for performance(s) one-on-one with the choreographer, a video of the routine and personal suggestions. Does not include cost of routine. Be prepared to practice on your own as well!


Cost: $300.00/3 hrs.
Price includes studio space/ reasonable travel to a facility of your choice. Groups will work one-on-one with the choreographer and dance coach duo, learn choreography and get coaching on technique in different styles of hip hop with tips/correction on form. Note: this is for a one-time event not a residency.

Choreorobics Dance Grooves
choreography + aerobics 

Choreorobics Dance Grooves is an exciting dance class that is about the grooves not just the moves. You learn simple patterns that are taught showing you how to makes these steps your own,even if you've never danced before. It is just the right combination of old school, party and funk hip hop, featuring moves like the Bump, the Charleston (a.k.a. Kid n' Play) and the Jerk. With CDG, you will be getting your groove on in no time with the benefit of a total body workout-mind, body and soul!
senior dance group
Program Cost: FREE to Courthouse Racquet and Fitness members. Guests welcomed!

Offered at these locations: Northeast Courthouse Racquet and Fitness Club (601) 956-1300; Tuesdays: 10:00-10:45 a.m.

Lakeland Courthouse Racquet and Fitness Club(601)932.4800; Thursdays:10:00-10:45 a.m.

If you have questions or are interested in becoming a host of this program, call 601.853.7480 or e-mail Tena-choreorobics@yahoo.com.

Go Long Productions • 948-A Glastonbury Circle • Ridgeland, MS 39157
Phone: 1-877-9GO-LONG (46-5664)